Piet Eeckhout – Professor of EU Law, Dean of UCL Laws and Academic Director at UCL European Institute

Oliver Patel – Research Associate at UCL European Institute

Uta Staiger – Executive Director at UCL European Institute

Claudia Sternberg – Principal Research Fellow at UCL European Institute

Columba-Isabella Achilleos-Sarll – PhD candidate at University of Warwick

Othon Anastasakis – Director of the European Studies Centre and Senior Research Fellow at St. Antony’s College, Oxford

Charlotte Antonsen – MP and EU-spokesman in the Danish parliament from 1990 – 2007

Michael Arthur – President and Provost of UCL and a former Professor of Medicine

Ros Asquith – Guardian Cartoonist

Catherine Barnard – Professor in EU Law and Employment Law at University of Cambridge

Steve Ballinger – Director of Communications for British Future, an independent and non-partisan thinktank

Julia Brannen – Emerita Professor at the Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education

Iain Begg – Professorial Research Fellow at LSE European Institute

Michael Berkowitz – Professor of Modern Jewish History at UCL

Thijs Berman – Former Social-Democrat MEP (2004-2014) from the Netherlands

Christoper Bickerton – Lecturer in Politics at University of Cambridge and Fellow of Queens’ College, Cambridge

Uilleam Blacker, Lecturer in Comparative Culture of Eastern Europe, UCL

Stephen Booth – Co-Director of Open Europe, an Independent EU Think Tank

Maria Mut Bosque – Lecturer in International Law and EU Law at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Paola Bounadonna – Campaigns Director at the Wake Up Foundation

Julia Brannan – Emerita Professor in the Sociology of Food and Families at the Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education

Marc Brightman – Co-Director of the Centre for the Anthropology of Sustainability at UCL

Aaron Brown – Skipper and Representative of Fishing for Leave, an independent pro-Brexit campaign set up by people in the fishing industry

Randolph Bruno – Lecturer in Economics at UCL

Tessa Buchanan – PhD candidate studying attitudes to immigration at UCL Psychology and Language Sciences

Alexandra Bulat – recently completed her PhD at UCL SSEES and Network Manager at the3million

Christabel Cooper – Professor of Energy and Climate Change at UCL

Damian Chalmers – Professor of European Union law at LSE and a fellow in the UK in a Changing Europe programme

Laura Cram – Professor of European Politics and Director of NRlabs Neuropolitics Research at University of Edinburgh and Senior Fellow on the ESRC’s UK in a Changing Europe Initiative

Richard Corbett – Former Labour MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber

Joe Costello – Former Member of the Irish Parliament and Minister for Trade And Development

Nicola Countouris – Professor of Labour Law and European Law at UCL

Sionaidh Douglas-Scott – Anniversary Chair in Law at Queen Mary University of London, and was formerly Professor of European and Human rights law at Oxford University

Hugo Dixon – Columnist and Entrepreneur, and Chairman and Editor-in-chief of

Pavlos Eleftheriadis – Associate Professor of Law and a Fellow of Mansfield College at the University of Oxford

Matthew Elliot – Chief Executive of Vote Leave

Keith Ewing – Professor of Public Law at KCL

Filipa Figuera – Teaching Fellow at the UCL School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies

Eleni Frantziou – Assistant Professor in Public Law & Human Rights at University of Durham

Luis G Garcia – Trade Lawyer at Matrix

Kira Gartzou-Katsouyanni –  PhD candidate at LSE European Institute

Andrew Glencross – Lecturer in International Politics at the University of Stirling

Dame Julia Goodfellow – Professor and Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kent

Damian Green – MP for Ashford since 1997. Green is Chairman of Conservative European Mainstream and Vice President of the Tory Reform Group

Michael Grubb – Professor of Energy and Climate Change at UCL

Swee Leng Harris – Research Fellows from the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law.

Mechthild Herzog – PhD candidate at the University of Luxembourg

Derek Hill – Professor of Medical Imaging Science at UCL

Eva Hoffman – Former Editor of The New York Times and Former Visiting Professor at the UCL European Institute

Geoffrey Hosking – Historian of Russia and the Soviet Union. Now Emeritus, he was Professor of Russian History at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies at UCL from 1984-2007

Kirsty Hughes – Director of the Scottish Centre on European Relations

Myriam Hunter-Henin – Reader in Law and Religion and Comparative Law, UCL

Andreas Jacobs – Political Analyst at the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation in Berlin

Germ Janmaat – Reader in Comparative Social Science at the UCL Institute of Education

Christian Joerges – Professor of Law and Society at the Hertie School of Governance and Co-Director of the Centre of European Law and Politics at the University of Bremen

Jonathan Kamkhaji – Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Exeter

Pierre Kanuty – Regional Councillor for Île-de-France, and Former President of Île-de-France Representation in Brussels

Michael Keating – Professor of Scottish Politics at the University of Aberdeen

Baroness Kennedy – Principal of Mansfield College at the University of Oxford

Julia Korosteleva – Associate Professor in Business Economics at UCL SSEES

Gëzim Krasniqi – Alexander Nash Fellow in Albanian Studies at the School of Slavonic & East European Studies at UCL

Jan Kubik – Professor and Director of the School of Slavonic & East European Studies at UCL

Joris Larik – Assistant Professor of Comparative, EU and International Law at Leiden University

Clément Leroy – Former Research and Policy Engagement Associate at the UCL European Institute and UCL Public Policy

Ulrike Liebert – Professor of European Studies at the Jean Monnet Centre for European Studies at the University of Bremen

Elizabeth Lomas – Senior Lecturer in Information Governance at UCL’s Department of Information Studies

Amy Ludlow – College Lecturer and Affiliated Faculty Lecturer at the University of Cambridge

John Martin – Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at UCL and and an adjunct professor of medicine at Yale

Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol – Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow at the University of Glasgow’s Adam Smith Business School and Visiting Professor at the Institute for European Studies of the Université Libre de Bruxelles

Florian Mussgnug – Reader in Comparative Literature and Italian, UCL

Anna Nadibaidze – Analyst of European affairs, specialising in foreign and security policies and holds an MSc in International Relations from the LSE

Kalypso Nicolaïdis – Professor of International Relations and and director of the Centre for International Studies at the University of Oxford

Neill Nugent – Emeritus Professor of Politics at Manchester Metropolitan University

Rebecca O’Connell – Reader in the Sociology of Food and Families at the Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education

Christina Pagel – Professor of Operational Research at UCL

Polly R Polak – PhD researcher in Law at the University of Salamanca in Spain

Miguel I Purroy – PhD in Economics (UCAB, Caracas) and degrees in Economics, Political Science and Philosophy from the Universities of Hamburg and Munich

Claudio Radaelli – Professor of Public Policy at UCL and a Fellow of the European Institute

Slavo Radosevic – Professor of Industry and Innovation Studies at the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies.

Graeme Reid – Professor of Science and Research Policy at UCL

Rudd Roland – Founder and Chairman of PR Company Finsbury, Treasurer and Board Member of Britain Stronger in Europe

Meg Russell – Professor of British and Comparative Politics and Director, UCL Constitution Unit and Senior Fellow at the UK in a Changing Europe

John Ryan – Fellow (International Strategy and Diplomacy) at LSE Ideas, the LSE’s foreign policy think tank

Philippe Sands QC – Professor of Law at the UCL Faculty of Laws

Sir Konrad Schiemann – Former Judge at the European Court of Justice from 2004-2012, nominated by the UK

Philip Schnattinger – Lecturer in Economics at Jesus College, University of Oxford

Sir Peter Scott – Emeritus Professor of Higher Educational Studies at UCL Institute of Education

Dean Spielmann – President of the European Court of Human Rights

Iulia Statica – The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Justine Stefanelli – Research Fellows from the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law

Pippa Sterk – PhD student at Kings College London

Renaud Thillaya – Deputy Director of Policy Network

Nina Trentmann – UK Business and Finance Correspondent for WELT N24 in London

Simon Usherwood – Deputy Director of the ESRC’s UK in a Changing Europe and Professor in Politics at the University of Surrey.

Andre van Loon – Research & Insight Director at We Are Social, the world’s largest specialist social media agency

Sir Stephen WallBritish Ambassador to Portugal from 1993-1995, Permanent Representative to the European Union from 1995-2000 and Head of the European Secretariat in the Cabinet Office from 2000-2004

Albert Weale – Emeritus Professor of Political Theory and Public Policy at UCL

Paul JJ Welfens – President of the European Institute for International Economic Relations (EIIW) at University of Wuppertal and Chair in Macroeconomic Theory and Policy as well as Jean Monnet Chair for European Economic Integration

Richard G WhitmanSenior Fellow at The UK in a Changing Europe and Professor of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent

James Wilson – Professor of Philosophy at UCL, Director of the MA Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health, and co-director of the MA Health Humanities at UCL

Steven Woolfe – Former MEP for North West England and UKIP front bench spokesman on migration and financial affairs, as well as a coordinator on the EU’s committee on economic and monetary affairs

Matt Wood – Lecturer in Politics at University of Sheffield

Christopher Wratil – Lecturer in European Politics, UCL

Kipper Williams – Cartoonist on The Guardian, the Sunday Times, The Spectator and Private Eye

Nicholas Wright – Teaching Fellow in EU Politics, Department of Political Science UCL

Dean Vuletic – Historian of Contemporary Europe, University of Vienna

Natascha ZaunAssistant Professor in Migration Studies at LSE European Institute