The high stakes of the EU referendum

Four weeks ago, the UCL European Institute launched the Brexit Divisions project – comprising two guest edited weeks with openDemocracy and two public debates – to explore the strategies and stakes of the upcoming EU referendum. Looking back, Uta Staiger, Deputy Director of the UCL European Institute, explains what we’ve learned. There’s a referendum coming. And as the director of British Future Sunder Katwala has … Continue reading The high stakes of the EU referendum

Brexit: Too Close To Call

Matt Goodwin, Senior Fellow at The UK in a Changing Europe, examines the latest polls and analyses to be published on the upcoming EU referendum. He argues that how David Cameron frames renegotiation process could be a deciding factor for undecided voters. In the Poll of Polls the race remains close. Remain 51%, Leave 49%. There has been much discussion about the polls and how … Continue reading Brexit: Too Close To Call