What to do with (Eastern) Europeans after Brexit?

Based on an analysis of British mainstream print media coverage between 2006-2013, Dr Denny Pencheva examines how constructive engagement with EU nationals in the UK today is complicated by a history of divisive, racialised rhetoric, and persistent negative stereotyping of Eastern Europeans by the UK press, and argues for a more responsible approach to public debates on immigration, by politicians and the media. Continue reading What to do with (Eastern) Europeans after Brexit?

Energy Policy After Brexit

How has policy changed since Brexit? A recent report from UK in a Changing Europe brings together experts in their respective fields to investigate how policy and policymaking have changed in a range of sectors. As part of the report, ‘Doing things differently? Policy after Brexit’, Jim Watson and Paul Drummond from the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources were asked to consider how changes to energy policy compare to what was promised before Brexit, and to discuss what further changes lie ahead. Their chapter is republished with permission from UK in a Changing Europe.  Continue reading Energy Policy After Brexit