“The Front Runs Through Us”

The public event ‘Decolonising Russia’s War in Ukraine’ (26 March) gave first-hand insights into the experiences of Ukrainians and others under Russian militarism – much closer than some might imagine to those of the Global South under western imperialism. Co-organisers Vlad Vazheyevskyy, Sasha Shestakova, Anna Engelhardt and Michał Murawski report. Read on for a guide to the day’s highlights, and to learn how the war kept interrupting the proceedings. Continue reading “The Front Runs Through Us”

The European Union: To leave or not to leave?

Martyn Rady, Professor of Central European History at UCL, disagrees with those who are campaigning for the UK to remain in the EU. He argues that whilst Europe shares much in terms of common history and culture, this is not in itself sufficient to underpin political union across the continent. Europe is not the same as the European Union. The European Union is only an … Continue reading The European Union: To leave or not to leave?