Coronajurisprudence and the limits of liberal coercion

Covid restrictions across the world raise the question of how far a liberal state can go in imposing coercive measures to protect life and health. Oliver Gerstenberg explores the answers the German constitutional court has given in its recent rulings on Germany’s Covid-19 measures. He also reflects on whether a vaccine mandate is compatible with the bedrock of legitimacy in liberal democracies. Continue reading Coronajurisprudence and the limits of liberal coercion

Eurotrashing euroscepticism

The European Union is a system founded on consensus-building and collaborative problem solving. Dr Simon Usherwood argues that it is for this reason very important for politicians to listen to the voices of Eurosceptics and other critics and to engage them in conversation. In true Eurotrash style, I’m writing this as I fly to Italy, where I’m attending a workshop on studying the EU. The event, jointly run by … Continue reading Eurotrashing euroscepticism