EU Reform: What do we actually need?

Richard Corbett, a Member of the European Parliament from 1996-2009 and since 2014, explores what the term ‘EU reform’ means for the current UK government. With EU reform demands and strategies still clearly to be defined by the British Prime Minister David Cameron, UK senior officials have been working behind the scenes with their European partners to identify priorities for change. Which conclusions did they … Continue reading EU Reform: What do we actually need?

Britain and EU reform

EU Law Professor at UCL and co-initiator of the Britain & Europe project Piet Eeckhout revisits the question of EU reform, including different options for and legal as well as political constraints of such reform. He also makes a particular plea for the UK to not neglect Eurozone governance arrangements. This blog is devoted to the Britain & Europe question, which gained political prominence as … Continue reading Britain and EU reform