Q&A: Thomas Piketty responds to surprise Greek election result

In the wake of a surprise re-election of Alexis Tsipras and Syriza, Thomas Piketty, Professor at Paris School of Economics and at EHESS, discusses the need for a more active approach from European leaders when it comes to the Greek question – and for a eurozone parliament to be established.+++Thomas Piketty will speak at the UCL European Institute on 14 December 2015+++ The Tsipras victory has come as a … Continue reading Q&A: Thomas Piketty responds to surprise Greek election result

Catch-22: Give democracy a chance and keep Greece in the Euro

Ulrike Liebert, Professor in European Studies, looks at the tensions that are arising between the need for effective economic governance in the Eurozone and the need for democratic accountability, both of member states and the EU as a whole, particularly in the context of the outcome of the Greek referendum. Eurozone leaders sometimes seem to forget that that they are governing an economic and monetary union … Continue reading Catch-22: Give democracy a chance and keep Greece in the Euro

Greece: a crisis of trust?

Geoffrey Hosking, Emeritus Professor of Russian History at UCL’s School of Slavonic and East European Studies, gives his view of what went wrong before and during the Greek crisis, and of the challenges that now lie ahead. To him the problem is centrally one of a lack of trust. The Greek crisis goes back a long way, and at several stages demonstrated the dangers of … Continue reading Greece: a crisis of trust?

YES, for our Dignity

In this post, Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Professor of International Relations at Oxford, and Othon Anastasakis, Director of the European Studies Centre, St Antony’s College Oxford, explain how a ‘yes’ vote in tomorrow’s Greek referendum is a choice for dignity rather than fear, as canvassed by the No campaign. The SYRIZA government claims that a No vote in the referendum is about dignity. A Greece that can … Continue reading YES, for our Dignity

Greece: Don’t take it at face value

On 30 June, Greece defaulted on its loan repayments to the IMF. Providing a counterpoint to anti-austerity commentaries, Richard Corbett, Member of the European Parliament from 1996-2009 and since 2014, argues that the bailout loans and the debt restructuring that Greece received were a show of European solidarity, rather than imposing austerity. Had they not attenuated the pain, he explains, the plight of Greece would … Continue reading Greece: Don’t take it at face value