EU Students at UK Universities: Patterns & Trends

What Brexit will mean for UK universities varies from institution to institution. Much data on Brexit’s impact focuses on sector-wide aggregates, the forest that hides the trees. The UK provides excellent teaching and research, as illustrated by the number of its universities ranked in the top 10, 50 or 100 in the world. Yet despite its world-class reputation, the UK’s Higher Education sector is hierarchical, and various layers will be affected differently. Ludovic Highman explores the sector’s diversity in this regard. Continue reading EU Students at UK Universities: Patterns & Trends

Brexit and higher education

Sir Peter Scott, Emeritus Professor of Higher Educational Studies at the UCL Institute of Education, outlines the implications which Brexit will have for UK universities. Although noting that much is uncertain, he outlines four areas in which negative impact is identifiable: student exchanges (largely through the Erasmus programme), the recruitment of students from other EU countries, the employment of academic and research staff from the rest of the EU, and research grants and income from EU programmes. He argues that Brexit could undermine both the financial sustainability of UK univerisities, as well as the overall quality of their scholarship. Continue reading Brexit and higher education

‘Eurofog’ of claim and counterclaim on EU membership and UK science

Graeme Reid, Professor of Science and Research Policy at UCL, recently advised a House of Lords inquiry on the impact of EU membership on UK  science and research. In this post, he discusses the inquiry’s main findings, both expected and unexpected. He also joins a high-level panel to discuss the topic at the UCL European Institute on 12 May 2016. The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee published its … Continue reading ‘Eurofog’ of claim and counterclaim on EU membership and UK science

Empathy, belonging and the UK-EU question

Laura Cram, Professor of European Politics at the University of Edinburgh and Senior Fellow on UK in a Changing Europe, finds that cognitive neuroscience research on belonging has a lot to teach us on the fundamental processes that will make or break not only UK-EU relations but the entire European project. This piece is part of the UCL European Institute’s first guest editor week on openDemocracy. Lessons from social … Continue reading Empathy, belonging and the UK-EU question

The implications of Brexit on Irish Higher Education

Ned Costello, CEO of the Irish Universities Association, argues that a UK exit from the European Union would likely have a significant negative impact on Irish students in the UK, British students in Ireland, and the Irish Higher Education sector in general. Each year, around this time, we are reminded of the close nature of the relationship between the UK and Ireland … BAFTA awards … Continue reading The implications of Brexit on Irish Higher Education