General Literature

Britain’s history with the EU
Milward, Alan S. (2003): The United Kingdom and the European Community, Vol. I: The Rise and Fall of a National Strategy, 1945–1963. London: Frank Cass.

Wall, Stephen (2008): A Stranger in Europe: Britain and the EU from Thatcher to Blair. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Wall, Stephen (2012): The Official History of Britain and the European Community, Vol. II: From Rejection to Referendum, 1963-1975. London: Routledge.

Britain’s relationship with the EU
Geddes, Andrew (2013): Britain and the European Union. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
Chapter 4 – The EU and the Coalition Government, pp. 100-112
Chapter 7 – Britain and the EU’s Move into High Politics, pp.174-196

Donnelly, Brendan (2012): On the Edge: Britain and the European Union. European View, 11:1, pp. 31-37.

Grant, Charles (2008): Why is Britain Eurosceptic? CER Essays, Centre for European Reform, London, 19 December 2008.

David Cameron, the Euro crisis, Euroscepticism and the reform/referendum pledge
Liddle, Roger (2014): The Europe Dilemma: Britain and the Drama of EU Integration. London; New York: I.B Tauris.
Chapter 12 – The Unexpected Return of Europe to British Politics, pp. 195-214
Chapter 13 – Renegotiation and Referendum, pp.215-233

Britain’s relationship with Germany
Schweiger, Christian (2007): Britain, Germany and the Future of the European Union. Basingstroke: Palgrave Macmillan.
Chapter 2 – The Reluctant European: Britain and European Integration since 1945, pp.14-42.
Chapter 4 – Areas of British German Co-Operation, pp.81-166.

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