Britain and the European Convention on Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights has come under attack in recent years. Critics suggest that the Court has gone too far in the interpretation of human rights, in a way that shows disrespect for decisions of democratically elected governments. The Court has also been criticised for micromanaging situations that should be left to national authorities to decide.

Proponents of the European human rights system, on the other hand, argue that the Convention is a living instrument, and that the Court is correctly placing limitations to what a democratically elected government can do, and that the fact that the Court is not democratically accountable is a strength in the area of human rights protection.

We have pooled together information relating to all aspects of the recent debate on the ECHR: a valuable resource for those seeking to make an informed contribution to the debate on the value or disvalue of ECHR as compared to the British Bill of Rights.

To find out more, explore the resources below.

Reports and Key Documents
Selected Case Law regarding Britain and the ECHR
Key Political Speeches and News Items
Policy Briefs
Key Articles concerning the UK/ECHR Debate
Monographs and Edited Volumes

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